Additional Services

Electronic/PCB Services

We have a variable temperature soldering air station here on site where your damaged electronics can be repaired at a component level if required. We can also adapt replacement PCB boards by moving ROM chips and other components from the damaged PCB when required using this equipment.

How much

We charge a fee of £55+vat to repair PCB boards at a component level.

In house clean room repair services

We have a class 100 clean room chamber here on site where minor faults can be repaired at a component level when required. Stuck heads are a common fault repaired here.

Outsourced clean room repair services

If your drive is sufficiently mechanically damaged for us to be unable to recover the data from it here in our workshop, we can organise the repair of your damaged drive by a specialist mechanical repair company.

How much

We can organise the inspection and quote for mechanical repairs on your behalf for a fixed fee of £75+vat which covers postage both ways to and from the mechanical repair company and for them to carry out internal diagnostics on your drive. We will then be provided with a full quote for replacing the damaged parts and repairing your drive well enough for us to recover the data from back here in our workshop. You are still under no obligation to go ahead with the quote at this point and we will always return your drive to you when requested free of charge.

Forensic data recovery services

We offer a range of services for finding lost and deleted files from damaged hard drives or drives that have had files deleted from them. In many cases we can find files that have been deleted weeks, months or even years ago.

What is possible?

When data is stored on a drive it continues to reside there until it is overwritten by new data even if it has been deleted by the PC or device. We can recover any files that are still on the drive using a sector by sector scan to retrieve these files. The less the drive is used after the files have been deleted the more successful this process will be.

How much

Charges can be found under the different drive type pages.

Other options

With this type of recovery there are few other options available because of the way the recovery works.

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