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General Information
In these terms and conditions, references to “EDR” relates to Essential Data Recovery. The term
“Client” or “Customer” relates to any person, firm, company or any other party that sends media to Essential
Data Recovery for diagnostics or data recovery.


  1. The word “Recovery” or phrase “Data Recovery”, when used in relation to the process of data recovery or the amount of data recovered relates solely to the amount of data that has been able to be recovered from the media and not to the amount of data originally contained on the media.
  2. During the diagnostic process, Essential Data Recovery agrees to use commercial recovery equipment and knowledge to determine the probability of recovery from the damaged media.
  3. Clean Room Chamber diagnostics are charged at a single fixed fee of £55+vat in advance only when a drive or media is physically damaged and can not be recovered without this process.
  4. Essential Data Recovery’s days of business are usually Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM excluding public holidays.
  5. Essential Data Recovery will do everything possible to contact the customer when the initial diagnostics of the drive have been carried out to inform them of any findings. Usually the same day we receive the drive
  6. The term “No Data - No Fee” relates to situations when less than 85% of a drive can be imaged and data recovered from except in cases where both EDR and the client have a prior agreement in place.
  7. Written quotes are not subject to change after they are agreed by both parties and may contain partial or full refund agreements in the event of a failed recovery.
  8. The term “no data no fee” relates to our in house fixed fee recovery cost of £120+ vat and will always be 100% no data no fee except when agreed in writing otherwise in rare cases.
  9. Essential Data Recovery will attempt to exclusively use registered and signed for post services for return of client data and media and will keep a copy of the proof of posting for a minimum of 6 months from sending date. We return drives using "Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed" which includes a tracking number and proof of posting. If you require the use of a alternative return postage service we can usually arrange this at a small additional cost. Essential Data Recovery can take no responsibility for drives once they have been handed over to Royal Mail as requested by the client and would recommend arranging collection in person from our workshop when sensitive data is involved.
  10. Drives and media sent to Essential Data Recovery for recovery or diagnostics may have evasive work carried out on them which may invalidate any warranty they may still have.
  11. External plastics of drives may be broken to gain access to the internal media for diagnostics purposes without prior permission.
  12. Payment will always be taken in advance of any recovery attempt and will only be accepted by a valid credit or debit card. Essential Data Recovery reserves the right to pass on any processing charges that might be incurred as part of the transaction.
  13. If the client decides for any reason they do not require data recovery services after sending the damaged media to Essential Data Recovery but before recovery work has been stated they may request the media be returned to them at no cost except that of return postage.
  14. Once data has been recovered from damaged media for the agreed price the job will be deemed complete and will be returned to the client by registered and signed for post.
  15. Original damaged media will be returned upon request with the recovered data.
  16. External drives can be provided at an additional cost for transportation of the clients recovered data but this in not compulsory and the client will be entitled to provide their own return media if they so wish.
  17. Essential Data Recovery can only recover data which is recoverable on the media and will be unaware of data that may have been stored on the media in the past.
  18. Essential Data Recovery will classify a recovery job as “uncollected” if we receive no contact with the client for no less than 6 months.
  19. Uncollected recovery jobs will be closed and Essential Data Recovery will attempt to recover any outstanding costs incurred by disposing of the client drive and/or use it for parts in the future.
  20. All refunds due to the client must be claimed within 6 Months of being due or will be assumed forfeited as a gesture of good will to allow for future accounting and planning of business cash flow.
  21. Essential Data Recovery will when possible keep a copy of recovered data for 7 days after successful recovery except when requested not to by the client.
  22. Essential Data Recovery will not pass on client details to any 3rd party.
  23. Media can be dropped off and collected at our workshop with prior agreement.

Bold text in this document is intended to allow for easy navigation and not to give more or less weight to that text over any other.

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