• Basics

  • What do we do here exactly?

    We recover data from damaged drives and media including accidentally deleted files and folders. We do this using industry leading hardware data recovery equipment. We aim to recover as much data as possible from the target media and recover it to a working USB external drive is most cases.

  • How do I use your service?

    To start the process of using our data recovery service you should fill in our enquiry form as best you can. We will then contact you by email confirming our postal address and a unique job reference number for your recovery.

  • What can you recover data from?

    We can usually recover data from any type of removable media. For example, hard drives both internal and external, USB sticks and drives, flash memory cards. A full list can be found on our main page. We do not recover data from phones that do not have removable storage.

  • How do you get my data back to me?

    In most cases we will be aiming to recover your lost data onto a USB attachable device. Ideally a USB3 external hard drive. If you have a specific requirement please ask us what other options may be possible.

  • Pricing

  • Is it really a fixed fee?

    Yes 9 out of 10 drives entrusted to us for data recovery have data recovered from them for our usual fixed fee. A list of our current fixed fees can be found on our main page and our enquiry form.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    We currently only have four possible products and service that we charge for. These are our usual fixed fee, a new USB3 external hard drive (if you don’t already have one to use), the optional clean-room examination fee of £75+vat and finally the optional cost of trying to repair drives that are too badly damaged to have data recovered from.

  • How could I end up paying more?

    The only way you could pay us more than the advertised fixed fee is in a scenario where your drive is so badly damaged that data recovery is not possible in its current state and you then ask us to explore the possibility of having the damaged drive repaired at least well enough to then have data recovery carried out on it. If you asked us to do this you would commit to paying £75+vat for us to examine the drive in our clean-room and obtain a quote for this type of additional work.

  • How we do it

  • Diagnostics

    When we receive your parcel we then label all the equipment you sent us with individual bar-code stickers and inform you by email that your equipment has arrived. We then connect the damaged drive/media to the appropriate hardware diagnostic equipment here in our workshop. We have some of the best equipment money can buy from all over the world for doing this stage. This equipment connects directly to the damaged equipment and not through a PC.

  • The imaging process

    The damaged media is then moved onto a hardware disk imager and a temporary image of your damaged drive is created for us to recover the data from. This stage is extremely important as using the damaged drive any longer than is absolutely necessary will risk further damage and data loss. We are aware of other companies skipping this stage and trying to recover straight from the damaged drive but we are very strict on this.

  • Recovery from the image

    Now we have the best image possible of the damaged media we connect this to the data recovery system which will start to copy off real files and folders ready to be copied across to the working USB3 drive.

  • Data copy and verification

    The data is then copied to the USB3 external drive and is then verification checked and a final bar-code stickers is applied to the USB3 drive confirming the final size of the recovered data.

  • Return by tracked post

    All of the equipment along with the recovered data is then boxed up and sent out to your specified address. We then send you one final email confirming the tracking number for your records.

  • Payments

  • What method of payment to we accept?

    We currently accept payment by credit or debit cards over the phone on 01283 217094

  • When do we take payment?

    We don’t take payment for our fixed fee until we are sure we can recover data from your device for you. The optional £55+vat clean-room charge is payable when you request us to undergo this further examination for you.

  • Reviews

  • Where can I find customer reviews?

    Links to our reviews can be found here on our site.

  • I found a review that said beware of hidden costs?

    We are aware of 5 negative reviews of our business over the last 15 years. Although 3 of the 5 seem to be the same customer, these all relate to the understandable persistence by these customers to keep trying to have a drive repaired regardless of our advice and overwhelming diagnostics results suggesting they should not, to hang on to any type of hope of still recovering their data.


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