How It Works

After you have filled in one of our enquiry forms and sent us your drive typically the following process will be followed

Step 1 - Diagnostics are run on your drive using industry leading equipment and a detailed report emailed to you free of charge

Your damaged media will be connected to our industry leading diagnostics equipment to show its true condition and what appears to be preventing the data from being accessed.

  • Connects directly to the damaged media. No need for it to work on a normal PC

  • Detailed diagnostics report is produced showing the current condition of the damaged drive produced and emailed to you

  • These diagnostics are carried out free of charge

  • Step 2 - Decide on the best way to reliably recover the lost data

    Now we know the current condition of the damaged drive we will know what the possibilities are moving forward

  • In most cases (around 9/10 drives we receive) we are able to connect the damaged media to our data recovery systems and recover as much data as possible based on the diagnostics report we now have. At this point we would have a good idea of how much of the drive we would expect to successfully recover from in its current condition. For this we always charge the fixed fee advertised for the type of drive.

  • For the 1 in 10 drives that the diagnostics show cannot be recovered from in its current state there are usually still options available to repair the drive/media at least well enough to then be recovered from using our data recovery equipment, we charge £55+vat for doing this extra examination work in a clean-room chamber. After we know the internal condition of the drive we can produce a quote for repairs. This additional type of examination work is completely optional.

  • Every drive is different and in some cases it is still possible to attempt data recovery on a damaged drive even when the diagnostics suggest doing so would cause further damaged when the additional cost of repairs cannot be justified.

  • Step 3 - We recover your lost data for the pre-agreed fee with no hidden or extra charges further down the process

    We carry out the data recovery process and return your lost data within the time frame we estimate based on the diagnostics results

  • Your recovered data along with your original damaged media is returned to you free of charge using a Royal Mail tracked and signed for service.

  • We usually try and keep a copy of your recovered data for 7 days from posting to ensure you safely receive the parcel.

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