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Can I drop my drive off or collect my drive in person?
Yes, you are welcome to drop off or collect drives between 9am – 4pm, Monday-Friday.

I want to drop my drive off in person, am I able to wait while the recovery is carried out?
As most recoveries take 2-3 days to complete the drive will need leaving with us.

How long will the process take?
We aim to get your damaged drive through our initial diagnostics within 24hours of receiving it. The recovery process itself usually takes 2-3 working days in most cases.

How will I get my data back?
We ask you to provide us with a USB attachable drive large enough for the recovered data.

Will my data be returned using a tracked delivery service?
Yes, the majority of parcels are under 2kg and are returned via Royal Mail signed for services. Parcels over this weight are returned using ParcelForce 48hr Tracked Delivery. 

What happens in the unlikely event that the drive with my recovered data is damaged in the post?
We keep a copy of your recovered data on our servers for up to 7 days to give you time to ensure the safe return of your data.

Do you charge extra for priority/expedited services?
We treat every recovery we carry out as a priority and do not add premiums to prioritise one job over another.

My local PC shop has said the drive has a mechanical failure because their recovery software can not access the data, will I definitely need parts replacing?
No. Nearly every drive sent to us can not be accessed by data recovery software and in the vast majority of cases can be recovered from without replacing any parts.

I have personal information on my drive, will my privacy be respected?
Our recovery systems recover data from A to B and are not connected to any outside networks for this reason. 

Our business requires the use of a non-disclosure agreement, is this a problem?
Many of our larger business clients require us to sign non-disclosure agreements.

I want to return my drive under warranty, will your service invalidate this?
In most cases no, but some mechanical procedures may do. Most drive manufactures understand you need to try and retrieve your data before sending it back to them. It may be worth contacting your drives manufacturer to confirm if this is a concern.

Do you have any other data recovery locations closer to me?
We are aware that it has become common practice with many of our competitors to rent small temporary office space/rooms in many geographical locations to give the illusion of this. All this deception does is add another day before the recovery process can be started and unnecessary risk of your drive going missing or being damaged during transport to their main location.

Do you offer an on-site service?
Yes, but this will be considerably more expensive than sending the drive to us and should only really be considered as an option when the drive can not leave your premises due to legal reasons.

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